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There is a color that has the magical power to spark off an aura of mystery and sophistication, boost your confidence, highlight your inner beauty and make you shine from within:

Purple Reign - Featuring Jado Crown

There is jewelry that embodies the harmony of nature, avant-garde vision of art combined with classical luxury. The jewelry that offers the intimacy between your natural beauty and nonpareil magnificence of form- the apogee of perfection:

Jado Crown 

What do these two have in common? They respond to the same set of highest aesthetics, incarnate passion and devotion. They are powerful expressions of ingeniousness, elegance and refinement. And they both represent uniqueness and royalty.

When Ashot Logian and Arthur Sargisyan, founders of Jado Inc., the top-end jewelry brand located in the NYC Diamond District, agreed to feature their jewelry on my blog, I was more than thrilled at this collaboration. And, it’s not only because with its exceptional artistic design – Jado Crown represents unparallel, luxurious creation – but also because of the philosophy and inspiration behind its craftsmanship. Intrigued?

Let’s Jado magic then and make the Crown reign!


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