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We are proud to introduce you to the Jado Crown Ring, an exquisite line of rings that captures the beauty and elegance of passionate romance. We strongly believe in the power of love and the power of commitment and, thus, the concept of the Jado Crown ring was born. The Jado Crown is composed of four separate components which can be stacked together elegantly in 21 different variations. The wearer can customize the Crown Ring set to complement their mood or memorialize that special moment with that special someone.

The Jado Crown is composed of 12 smooth and elegant curves that follow numerical patterns found across nature and all forms of art. As this number is found in the geometric structure of objects throughout the natural world, so is the central mathematical element in the Jado Crown Ring. In addition to this universal perspective on the ring’s design, we also envision a social and humanistic attitude for Jado Crown with a separate “gender-free” version of the Crown Ring.

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