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All Jado Crown jewelry is handcrafted using gem-quality diamonds, rubies and sapphires. The entire collection is made in the USA in our NYC studio. 

Color of product

Jado Jewelry is made in all colors of 18 karat gold, and some items are available in Platinum. Our signature Chocolate Gold coating is a formula found by our team of jewelers. Most of our jewelry is available in Black Rhodium finish.


The Jado Crown Collection is made in 18 karat gold and platinum.

18 Karat gold is 75% pure gold mix with special alloy to form the desired color.

Our Platinum Jewelry is made 95% Platinum and 5% Palladium.


Price may vary slightly for larger ring sizes. 

option of product

Choose to adorn your set with brilliant diamonds, deep blue sapphires or luscious rubies, all which can be stacked together in over 21 variations.