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Mind-Blowing GIFs that Demo How to Stack Your Rings like a Pro

The art of ring stacking is no longer exclusive to delicate, whisper-thin bands. Thanks to the influx of cocktail rings on the fall/winter 2015 runways, statement-makers have found their way into the ring party pile. But how do they stack up? From sculptural rose-gold rings to pearl accents, we pieced together four combos that vary in aesthetic to fit every aesthetic personality out there.


"Downtown Diamonds"

Starting with a major ring like Spinelli Kilcollin can be daunting, but we couldn't resist using it as the base for our downtown digits. The key to balacing the sparkle here is to wear with all gunmetal statement rings, like this Diaboli Kill design, and a cool giant pearl one we spotted at BaubleBar.

Shop the pieces (from left): Spinelli Kilcollin ring, $3,400; Adornia Champagne diamond midi ring, $175; Jado silver pave band ring (worn above and below X), $200 each; Diaboli Kill ring, $350; BaubleBar pearl ring, $32; Adornia Champagne diamond ring, $230;




Sculptural Siren

Give rose gold a little edge with architectural options, like Carbon & Hyde's cut-out piece or Ryan Storer's wrap ring.

Shop the pieces (from left): Catbird hammered rings, $64 each; Catbird knuckle ring, $148; Catbird threadbare ring, $44; Renvi ring, $800; Gabriela Artigas two-tone tusk ring, $430; Ryan Storer wrap ring, $200; Carbon & Hyde cut-out ring, $1,150;

By: Elyse Maloni May 22, 2015