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7 Days

Jado Crown is a revolutionary idea that unifies classicism & modernism in jewelry making & design.
A single piece of jewelry made of four components worn in over twenty one variations.


The Jado Crown ring represents the ideal expression of dedication and devotion, trust and loyalty between partners. The interlocking pieces of the Jado Crown evoke the unbreakable bond of true love. With the unique ability to combine different rings in infinite ways, there are always multiple possibilities to express affection in your relationship with the Crown Ring. Like two hands clasped together or lips locked in a loving embrace, the Jado Crown ring is the perfect expression of intimacy.


The core ideology and philosophy behind the Jado Crown design is based on the planetary structure and the sequence of 12. In crafting our jewelry, we were inspired by the cosmic patterns evoked by the triangle and square mathematical equation, which in turn relates to our moods or feelings.

The Jado Crown Ring is composed of 12 smooth, graceful curves that give the impression of both luxury and elegance, but also of simple, natural beauty.There are twelve pitch classes in an octave, as well as a total of twelve major and minor keys. Astronomically, this number is also evident in the earth’s 12 month journey around the sun, and the 12 hours in day and night. As this number is found in the geometric structure of objects throughout the natural world, so too is it the central mathematical element in the Jado Crown Ring. 

Powerful and delicate, Jado Crown components are made of 18-karat yellow, rose or white gold or black rhodium-plated gold decorated with brilliant diamonds, deep blue sapphires and luscious rubies, which can be stacked together elegantly in over 21 variations.

Each piece made by Jado is lovingly hand crafted with individual care and faultless attention to detail. And with its interchangeability, the Crown Ring possesses a magical versatility depending upon how it is arranged on the finger – a different way every day.