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Jado Aura

The AURA collection is composed of a variety of distinctive pendants that  reflect the power and simplicity of the JADO philosophy. Through delicate and flawless design, the AURA collection expresses man’s intimate connection with the universe. Each pendant is a luxurious piece finely crafted in 18 K Gold or Sterling Silver in the color of your choice. 

JADO AURA is excellent as a singular piece for a man or woman. The variety of patterns and color choices enable one to express their unique personality and aesthetic. Each pendant brings out a different energy to suit every individual taste and style.

The AURA pendants immediately convey an impression of strength, tempered with gentleness, wisdom and spirituality. The graceful curves and detailed fabrication of each piece are formed using carefully determined measurements, in order to express the appearance of symmetry and naturalness, and convey the majestic essence of the AURA collection.

Ultimately, the AURA collection was created to show the connection of universal energy with humanity. The pendants are designed to embody the geometric complexities of objects found in the natural world. Each pendant is 33 mm in diameter, and is expertly crafted to fit in combination with the Jado Crown Ring. Some pendants can also be combined together, and with an assortment of colors to select from, you can be flexible and choose the perfect ensemble for you or your loved one.

With the mathematical precision of the design and the inspiration of cosmic energies, JadoAURAevokes the perfect harmony between the individual and universe.